New Series

February 2016: Author Tracy A. Akers is pleased to announce the upcoming release
of Shrouded Sky, Book One of her exciting new fantasy series, The Veils of Lore.
The date of release will be sometime in March (check back for details,) but she is sure
to have copies in time for the Southwest Florida Reading Festival on Saturday, March
19, in Fort Myers, FL! For additional information please visit her website at

Free E-Books Promo!

October 15-19, all four books in the Souls of Aredyrah series are available for FREE,
Kindle format, at Amazon. This is the first time the entire series has been offered in its
entirety, so please take advantage of this great offer.
Hereís the link: http://www.amazon.com

Book Four is Coming

August 2013: Itís finally on its way! Keep an eye out for The Shifting of the Stars,
the fourth and final book in the Souls of Aredyrah series. (A note from the author: Itís
taken me ten years to complete this series. The time it took the characters to journey through the story? One!)

Book Three Released

July 2011: The Taking of the Dawn, Book Three of the Souls of Aredyrah Series,
has been released! Books may be purchased at Amazon.com or your favorite online
bookstore, with signed editions available through this website.

New Book Editions

March 2011: A revised edition of The Fire and the Light is now available, with a
second edition of The Search for the Unnamed One to be released within the next
few weeks. More great news - Book Three: The Taking of the Dawn is now on its
way to the printer and will be released in April. All three books will be available in
soft cover, with Kindle editions to follow. Check this website for updates, or visit the
authorís blog at:


March 2011: Author Tracy A. Akers will be at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, from
March 25-27. Second editions of Books One and Two will be available, as well as
new character cards, new scene illustrations, and information about Book Three. If
you are able to attend this fantastic SF/Fantasy Con, please visit Ms. Akersí booth
located in the Independent Publisher section of the vendor room.

Books One and Two to be Included in Two Prestigious Florida
Book Collections

September '09: Both The Fire and the Light and The Search for the Unnamed One
by author Tracy A. Akers will be included in two permanent book collections in
Tallahassee, Florida along with those by other winners of the Florida Book Awards. Books will be permanently displayed in a secured bookcase in the Governor's outer
office, and also in the Scholars Commons of Florida State University's Main Library.
Both of Ms. Akers' books are on the Florida Department of Education's Just Read
Families Recommended Summer Reading Lists.

   Tracy A. Akers Invited to Miami Book Fair International

ember 2008 : Author Tracy A. Akers has been invited to participate in a special author panel at the Miami Book Fair International on Saturday, November 15, at Wolfson Campus, Miami Dade College. She will be joined by several other 2007 Florida Gold Medal Winners, all of whom were recently recognized in Tallahassee by the Governor of the State and the Florida Humanities Council.

   Tracy A. Akers Invited by Got Milk Promotional Campaign

October, 2008: Author Tracy A. Akers was recently invited by the Got Milk national
campaign to do a book reading at Haslam's, a major Independently owned book store located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The Got Chocolate Milk, the Official Drink of Halloween campaign was especially designed with young people in mind. Children from the Saint Petersburg area were invited to come and drink chocolate milk while they listened to Ms. Akers read her favorite Halloween stories. Milk was donated by
Publix, T.G. Lee, and Velda Farms. Children were also invited to have their pictures
taken in Halloween cutouts of Frankenstein and Dracula, and were given goodie bags
containing T-shirts, silly straws, and other promotional items. Ms. Akers was warmly
welcomed by Kathryn Sass and other representatives from the Got Milk campaign, as well as Haslam's friendly staff and all the wonderful children who participated.

                           Book Three Status

April 2008: For those of you anxiously awaiting The Taking of the Dawn, Book Three of the Souls of Aredyrah Series, the author wishes to extend her sincere
apologies--it is not yet finished. Her goal is to complete the manuscript by the end of this summer (fingers crossed,) but as to the date of publication...well, that is very much up in the air. Please check back for future updates.

   Florida Library Association Honors Book Award Winners

April 24, 2008, St. Pete Beach, Florida: Winners of the 2008 Florida Book Awards
were invited to attend a dinner in their honor at the Florida Library Association's
Annual Conference held at the Tradewinds Resort. Tracy A. Akers, whose second book in the Aredyrah series, The Search for the Unnamed One, won for YA Literature, was delighted to attend. While there, she met many wonderful members of the library association, as well as several very talented Florida authors. Mr. Wayne Wiegand, Professor of Library and Information Studies and Professor of American Studies at Florida State University, introduced the winners and explained the exciting plans being made to promote the Awards Program and its winners. Award winners are scheduled to be guests at several literary festivals including the Miami Book
Festival, Vero Beach Book Festival, Amelia Island Book Festival, the St. Pete Times
Festival of Reading, and more. In addition, Florida Book Awards winners (and
excerpts of their works) will be highlighted in the Summer 2008 issue of FORUM, the magazine of the Florida Humanities Council.

 Governor of Florida Presents Medals to Book Award Winners

April 3, 2008, Tallahassee, Florida: Gold Medal winners of the Florida Book Awards
were honored at the Florida Heritage Month Awards Ceremony held at the R.A. Gray Building in downtown Tallahassee. Tracy A. Akers, winner for Young Adult Literature, attended the gala event where she and other winners were presented their medals by Governor Charlie Christ and Secretary of the State Kurt Browning. Other Gold medal winners included David Kirby, for poetry; Enid Shomer, for general fiction; Thomas B. Cavanagh, for popular fiction; Cynthia Barnett, for nonfiction; German Guerra, for Spanish language; and Adran Fogelin for children's literature. The following Floridians were also recognized for their contribution to Florida heritage: May Mann Jennings and Congressman E. Clay Shaw, Jr. received the 2008 Great Floridian Awards; William R. Adams, Ph.D. received the Secretary of State Historic Preservation Award, 2008 Senator Bob Williams Award; William Dreggors received the Secretary of State Historic Preservation Award, 2008 Mary Call Darby Collins Award; Joseph Johnson, Luis Ezequiel Torres, Nicholas Toth, and Michael K. Wilder received the 2008 Florida Folk Heritage Awards. Florida Artists Hall of Fame Inductees were given to sculptor Augusta Savage and filmmaker Victor Nunez.

       The Search for the Unnamed One Wins the Gold!

March 4, 2008: The Search for the Unnamed One, Book Two of the Souls of Aredyrah Series, has been named the Gold medal winner for Young Adult Literature by the Florida Book Awards. Last year, Book One, The Fire and the Light, received a Bronze in the same category. This awards program is coordinated by the Florida State University Program in American and Florida Studies, and co-sponsored by the Florida Center for the Book, State Library and Archives of Florida, Florida Historical
Society, Florida Humanities Council, Florida Literary Arts Coalition, Florida Library Association, "Just Read, Florida!," Governor's Family Literacy Initiative, Florida Association for Media in Education, Florida Center for the Literary Arts, and the Florida Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America. Ms. Akers is honored to be recognized by this prestigious awards program.

  Tracy A. Akers to be a Guest Author at Ancient City Con

March, 2008: Tracy A. Akers, as well as other authors published through Aisling Press, have been invited to be guest authors at Ancient City Con, a science fiction/fantasy convention to be held August 2 and 3rd in Jacksonville Florida. This is Ms. Akers first time at the event, and she is very much looking forward to it!

       Tracy A. Akers Again a Guest Author at DragonCon!

February 2008: For the second year in a row, Tracy A. Akers has been invited to be a Guest Author at DragonCon, the largest Science Fiction/Fantasy Convention in the US. The event will be held Labor Day weekend (August 29-September 1, 2008) in Atlanta, Georgia. For information about this fantastic event, visit


     The Fire and the Light Highlighted in FORUM Magazine

July 2007: The Fire and the Light, and other winners in the 1st Annual Florida Book Awards, will be highlighted in the Florida Humanities Council July '07 "Summer Reader" issue of FORUM magazine. FORUM is an award winning publication, having been named "Best Overall Magazine" by the Florida Magazine Association. The Florida Humanities Council is a co-sponsor of the Florida Book Awards. Their active support of the program, as well as their generous offer to recognize the winning
titles in their quarterly publication, is greatly appreciated!


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Tracy A. Akers to be a Guest Author at This Year's Dragon*Con

June 12, 2007: Tracy A. Akers, author of The Souls of Aredyrah Series, has just received the news: She has been invited to be a guest author at this year's Dragon*Con Science Fiction/Fantasy Convention to be held August 31-September 3 in Atlanta, Georgia. Dragon*Con is the largest convention of its type in the United States. This is a don't-miss for anyone who loves the genre (and wants to have a great time celebrating it.) For more information about Dragon*Con, visit:

Author William F. Nolan Wins Silver

June1, 2007: Author William F. Nolan has been awarded the Silver Medal in the ďWriting and PublishingĒ category of the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards (the Ippys). His book, Letís Get Creative, Writing Fiction That Sells!, is a complete guide to writing a selling fiction. I have personally read the book, and highly recommend it as a tool for anyone interested in learning more about the craft.

Winning Authors Invited to FLA Presidentís Reception

April 12, 2007: Winners in the 1st Annual Florida Book Awards were invited to attend the President's Reception at the Florida Library Association's 83rd Annual Conference that was held in Orlando, FL. I was thrilled to attend the event, (The Fire
and the Light
received a Bronze Medal for YA literature), and had the opportunity to
meet hundreds of professional from libraries across the state. The Florida Library Association was a co-sponsor of the Florida Book Awards. Their support is greatly appreciated, especially by first-time authors like me!

Friends of FSU Library Host Banquet for Winning Authors

 March 23, 2007: Winners in the 1st Annual Florida Book Awards were recognized at a banquet hosted by Friends of the FSU Library in Tallahassee, Florida. My book, The Fire and the Light , was named a Bronze Medal Winner in the Young Adult Literature category! Other winners for Young Adult Literature included: Gold Medal, The Real Question, by Adrian Fogelin (Peachtree Press); Silver, Headlock, by Joyce
Sweeney (Henry Holt Publishing); and tied for Bronze, Adios to My Old Life, by Caridad Ferrer, (Simon and Schuster.) My husband and I attended the banquet, where we met authors, contest judges, and dozens of other people with a passion for books. Thanks to the FSU Friends of the Library for their support of the Florida Book Awards and its recognition of Florida authors!

Author Kate Constable Offers Blurb

February 21, 2007: Author Kate Constable has offered to provide a blurb for publication in Book Two of the Souls of Aredyrah Series! Kate Constable, author of the Chanters of Tremaris Series (Scholastic Books,) lives in Australia. After receiving a copy of the Fire and the Light from me, she agreed to offer a quote in support of the series. For those of you who are not familiar with the process of obtaining blurbs, it can be a real challenge, especially for new authors. Many seasoned authors are too busy, or donít want to risk lending their names to untested works. All I can say is, Ms. Constable is one fine lady: Not only was she willing to take a look at an unknown authorís book, but even agreed to write a blurb for it. Her generosity is greatly appreciated. For more information about Ms. Constableís wonderful Chanters of Tremaris fantasy series, visit her website at www.kateconstable.com
(And if you like her work, please drop her a line and tell her so! I know she would love to hear from you.)

Award Winning Author to Write Introduction for Book Two 

 February 2007: William F. Nolan, award winning author of the Logan's Runseries, has agreed to write the Introduction for The Search for the Unnamed One, Book Two of The Souls of Aredyrah Series! Mr. Nolan is a prolific author, having sold more than 1500 books, short stories, articles, and other works. His series, Logan's Run, is a Science Fiction classic that was made into a major motion picture by MGM and was later turned into a CBS television series. Loganís Run has also spawned comic books, and Warner Brothers is currently in negotiations to do a remake of the movie. Mr. Nolan has been a great supporter of the Aredyrah Series. He not only provided an out-of-this-world endorsement for The Fire and the Light, but after reading my manuscript for Book Two (The Search for the Unnamed One,) agreed to write an Introduction for it! For more information about Mr. Nolan, visit:
www.williamfnolan.com or www.nolansworld.com.

© Tracy A. Akers, 2006